Providing Legal Assistance in all kind of cases

Millennium Law & Corporate Company is expert in all fields of law including Criminal Law, Civil Laws, Banking Laws, Corporate Law, Tax Law,Intellectual Property and Constitutional Laws. We deal in all cases and almost in all cities of Pakistan. We, as General Attorneys confront legal conflicts to encompass all your legal needs to be addressed at one platform. We expedite the process of legal solution by dynamically reducing the time frame from decades to months and even weeks.

MLCC is the hub of competent lawyers. We believe in high quality legal justice which makes us more competent towards our ultimate goal “Timely Justice“

Consultancy: The accurate and correct legal consultancy for drafting the case is the indispensable part of the triumphant case.

Drafting: The drafting is one of the most important tools of the legal profession. This service is provided from individual to any partnership and companies for the drafting of business settlement, account settlement, Lending the money, Partnership, Agency formations, contracts, Agreements, sale of land, plot, machinery and goods agreements, we also draft the all kind of negotiable instruments like promissory note and Bill of exchange etc. All kinds of Power of attorneys, All agreements, indemnities and guarantees, Bonds, All kind of Deeds and Releases, partitions Gifts, Trust, Mortgages, Deeds and Leases.

Court Litigation: We fight for the right of our clients in the court with aggression and full law preparation. This is our other service for our esteemed clients is appearing in the court for claiming and defending their constitutional rights and to peruse, precede the court matters from Lower/District courts to High Courts in Pakistan, including special courts, Banking Court etc. We act as Lawyers, solicitors, Advocates, Attorneys, Legal Consultants on behalf of our clients in High Courts of Pakistan, District Courts, Family, Rent Controller and Civil and Appellant Court.

Arbitration: In the field of professional conflict resolution, offering innovative, cost-effective methods to settle disputes out of the court and full service of arbitration and mediation through a panel of qualified and experienced neutrals.

Legal Retainership: We also provide the legal retainer ship service on monthly or annually basis depending on the nature of the work to the individuals, families and small partnership to private and public limited companies. In the retainer ship, you get the complete and peace of mind legal services and advices on your door step or in our office through written legal advices by modern electronic method like email, fax, phone, courier service or even our /your personal visiting.

Legal Translation: Legal Translation in any language is not simple and easy then other translations. It is a field of law. Only law professional translators specializing in legal translation should translate the legal document in respective language. The mistranslated can be caused of loose the money and sometime could lead to lawsuits.

Certified copies of court order: A certified copy means the court attested copy. These copies can be obtained through MLCC advocates within the Pakistan on filing of Authorize letter/vakalatnama and after payment of cost the documents are certified and issued which are accepted as original in any court of law or department.

Foreign Courts: We provide the services of the Notices and summons of the foreign court of UK and USA for the service upon the defendants/ Respondents who are currently residing in Pakistan in the matter of civil and family.

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